Communication Sciences & Disorders

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Graduate Courses

CSD 505 Neurophysiology of Communication
CSD 513 Speech Science
CSD 521 Disorders of Fluency
CSD 523 Phonological Disorders
CSD 526 Neurogenic Disorders of Language
CSD 532 Workshop in Communicative Disorders
CSD 541 Language Development and Disorders in the Preschool Population
CSD 557 Audiology for the Speech Language Pathologist
CSD 595 Graduate Practicum
CSD 601 Directed Study
CSD 605 Counseling Theory and Practice
CSD 613 Communicative Disorders:  Research Design and Analysis
CSD 620 Assessment and Treatment of Dysphagia
CSD 622 Voice and Resonance Disorders
CSD 624 Craniofacial Anomalies
CSD 625 Genetics, Autism, Augmentative & Alternative Communication
CSD 627 Neurogenic Disorders of Speech
CSD 642 Language Development and Disorders in the School-Age Population
CSD 697 Thesis