Communication Sciences & Disorders

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi


The University of Mississippi Speech and Hearing Center has been on campus and providing services since 1966.

The University of Mississippi Speech and Hearing Center (UMSHC) has dual function. The first function of the Center is to provide excellence in clinical education for graduate students enrolled in the CSD department. The second function is to provide the highest quality of speech-language-hearing services to patients in an effective and efficient manner.

UMSHC is located in George Hall. Previously a men’s dormitory, George Hall was converted to a clinic and academic building in 1973 and later extensively renovated in 1991-93. The building houses first-floor administrative offices and a waiting room. Two staff members, a Clinical Records Coordinator and a Clinical Records Clerk are the administrative personnel for clinic operations. The Director of the UMSHC office is located in 100-D of the administrative suite. Also on the first floor are six therapy rooms for speech-language pathology clinic; four of the six rooms have an observation area available. Room 102 houses a bank of television monitors, video cassette recorders, and all related equipment for recording and viewing therapy sessions and evaluations. Also on the first floor are two audiology test suites, two audiology rooms for special procedures with observation areas, a laboratory room, and an audiology waiting area.

The second floor contains two large classrooms, a student lounge, a speech science laboratory and assessment library, two offices for clinical instructors, and a student workroom. The third floor houses a department library, the department administrative office, and additional faculty offices.