Communication Sciences & Disorders
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Admission Requirements


Freshmen entering the School of Applied Sciences must meet the same requirements as those for general admission to the University. Click here for UM Office of Admissions.

Application for Undergraduate Admission

Transfer Students

Students transferring from other institutions of higher learning must meet the requirements stated by the UM Office of Admissions and must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. Transfer students must submit transcripts of all transfer work to the Office of the Dean of Applied Sciences before enrollment.  General information and admissions requirements can be found here.

Current UM Students who wish to change their Major to CSD

If you wish to change your major to Communication Sciences and Disorders, please fill out our Change of Major Request form online.

Once you submit your completed form, the School of Applied Sciences will evaluate your previous course work on a checklist of the current requirements for your new degree and officially change your major in the computer system. An e-mail will be sent verifying the change of major is complete. This usually occurs within 48 hours. The academic advisor in the CSD Department will contact you requesting to set up an advising appointment to review the degree requirements.

Before proceeding…

Before submitting the Change of Major Request Form, note that you must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA overall (all UM and transfer course work to date) as well as in your cumulative UM course work to change your major. If you do not have the required GPA’s, the change in your major cannot be completed and we cannot advise you regarding course selection in an official capacity. However, you can locate our degree requirements online

You may take any of the general education requirements listed on the checklist and you may also enroll in any major courses that are open provided they are not limited to majors only. Once you have attained the required GPA’s, you may submit the Change of Major Request Form and we will officially change your major and assign you an advisor within the CSD program.